Elliot  Dinetz  MD, is double board certified in Family Medicine and Functional Medicine where he understood early on that this is the true path for optimal health and longevity.  Dr. Dinetz graduated from Ross University School of Medicine and completed Integrative and Family Medicine training. He believes that society's healthcare issues stem from not addressing root causes and over-medication, and aims to change this.

Today he is on the advisory board to the Age Management Medical Group (AMMG) as well as contributing lecturer. He serves on the medical advisory board to Forbes Health and is also a contributing author to several magazines including Psychology Today which reach thousands of people looking for more answers.

Dr. Dinetz was an early adopter of Clinical Genomics uncovering the unique genetic strengths and risks a person has to customize a personalized health approach. This in conjunction with advanced biochemical markers and lifestyle modification. By targeting underlying issues at their root, he is often able to wean people off chronic and harmful medications while restoring health and slowing the aging process. This approach strategically works on the gut microbiome, hormone optimization, and improving immune function.

He dedicates time outside of practice lecturing to other integrative physicians on leading edge clinical genomics and research, as well as community education on wellness, nutrition and lifestyle.  

Personalized Approach

As a certified Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Dinetz uses a personalized approach to medical care to more effectively help each unique person.

Our 3 Pillars of health

A holistic approach to Functional Medicine. We focus on nutrition, lifestyle factors, and environmental toxins screening with a natural hormone balancing protocol.

A vision for better care

We help navigate the complex medical care system with a network of recognized physicians for immediate access to diagnostic, imaging and advanced testing to restore your health.

Our Approach

We are here to help you
regain your health

Dr. Dinetz target health issues from their root cause, with the ultimate goal of rejuvenating your health. Analyzing your genetic needs, hormone levels, and gut health, Dr. Dinetz can help stop risk factors, allowing you to take control of your health.

This detailed evaluation is a measurement of your current health and body function. Using an in-depth examination and evaluating inflammation and in-office testing you will see where you stand concerning optimal health and wellness. This specific method is years beyond the conventional medical approach.

+ In-Office urine health screen
+ Salivary pH tracking
+ Nitric Oxide testing
+ Physical Examination
Health and Wellness program
Our monthly program will help you rejuvenate your health and performance, taking your wellness to the next level. As part of our cutting-edge approach, we include advanced metabolic lab work and gut health analysis with your plan. Discover and treat early hidden conditions and risk factors to maximize your health.

+ Comprehensive Blood testing
+ Health Coaching
+ Medical Nutrition
+ EKG for preventive heart health
+ Digestive health and microbiome assessment
+ Personalized supplements
+ Hormonal Treatment
+ IV Therapy
Elite Longevity
Take your health and wellness beyond what you thought possible! This premiere integrated 3-month program incorporates all the comprehensive testing, providing you with a blueprint for optimal health and longevity.

+ Epigenetic Testing (How to slow aging)
+ Concierge Medicine
+ Genetic Evaluation
+ Advanced heart health prevention.
+ Microbiome evaluation
+ Health Coaching
+ Environmental Toxins Screening
+ Personalized supplements
+ Medical DNA Evaluation
+ Concierge Urgent Care at home
+ IV Therapy
+ Hormonal treatment
+ Full Body Scan with no radiation

“Live Better Longer.”

Providing you with the latest medical
advances so you can age better.

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