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Personalized health and wellness medicine. Customizing care based on what it is your body needs to thrive.


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Select the best plan that fits your health needs. From visit by visit consultations to three and six month programs to restore and optimize your health.
In order to provide optimal care we are out of network with insurance.

Health Assessment


This detailed Functional Medicine evaluation will measure your current health and body function. You will see where you stand with regard to optimal health and wellness.

Learn what may be holding you back and how you can help yourself achieve the next level in mental and physical health.

+ Urine Analysis
+ Salivary pH tracking
+ Nitric Oxide testing
+ Physical Exam

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Executive Health & Wellness


Have an experienced physician on call for you and your family needs. Access to wide array of advanced preventive screening and testing along with premiere lifestyle medicine. Obtain access to the most leading edge specialists both locally and around the world. Appointments and accommodations according to your schedule.

+ Concierge access to the doctor.
+ Initial comprehensive labs.
+ Discounted house calls.
+ Address underlying risk factors.
+ Wellness & lifestyle medicine
+ Hormone optimization
+ Peptide treatments

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Elite Longevity

6 Month Program

Take your health beyond what you thought possible. This premiere incorporates comprehensive testing plus decoding your DNA which will provide your blueprint to optimal health and longevity. Using a personalized approach guided by your genetics to help you ive better longer.

+ Medical DNA Evaluation
+ Personalized supplements
+ Advanced blood testing
+ Salivary pH tracking
+ Nitric Oxide testing
+ Baseline heart function
+ Digestive health
+ Microbiome assessment

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Medical High-Grade Supplements curated by Dr. Dinetz. We customize supplements based on our patients nutrition and genetic needs while also offer Immune Defense, Stress Manager,
Testosterone Boost and Weight Control

Love Dr. Dinetz's personalized supplements. The convenient pill packs make them easy to take and travel with. I feel more energy and nourished with my busy schedule.
Adam R. - Miami FL

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