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The Untold Story of Autoimmune Diseases: Revealing Hidden Factors and Solutions.

Autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto's, arthritis, lupus, and MS are increasing, and conventional medicine may not have all the answers. Overlooked factors play a significant role in the rise of these disorders.

If you're suffering from an autoimmune disease, you may be struggling to find answers from conventional medicine. With over 110 recognized disorders, including Hashimoto's thyroiditis, arthritis, lupus, and multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases are on the rise. But what's causing this increase? The answer lies in the often-overlooked factors that contribute to autoimmune diseases.

1 Microbiome Disruption: Our gut is home to a complex ecosystem of organisms, called the microbiome. When this ecosystem is disrupted, it can lead to inflammation and negatively impact our immune system. Nearly 80% of our immune system resides in our gut lining to help protect us from outside threats. Disrupters of this environment include certain infectious organisms, pesticides, and environmental toxins including food allergens. These wreak havoc on our immune system’s balance so it's crucial to maintain a healthy gut with an anti inflammatory diverse diet. Consuming pesticide-laden or highly processed foods particularly damages the microbiome by what they cause to grow and may contribute to autoimmune diseases. Specific organisms detectable in more advanced stool tests can provide insight into potential autoimmune triggers and how to treat them.

2 Mycotoxins from Mold: Mycotoxins are harmful substances produced by mold, which can be ingested or inhaled, leading to various symptoms. Exposure to mold has been linked to conditions like asthma, and more recently, autoimmune diseases. Some mycotoxins, such as ochratoxin and deoxynivalenol, have been associated with an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Gliotoxin, another mycotoxin, has been linked to multiple sclerosis as a potential cause or aggravator. Mycotoxins have been known to disrupt the immune system, leading to autoimmunity so removing the source can have a huge impact on reversing symptoms.

3 Borrelia and Lyme Disease Organisms: Lyme disease-causing organisms, like Borrelia species, have long been known to cause and exacerbate autoimmune conditions. Often called "the great imitator," Lyme disease can present as various conditions, making it difficult to diagnose. Through a good medical history taken by a skilled physician you can uncover if Lyme may be a factor. By addressing Lyme disease, some patients with autoimmune conditions have been able to live normal lives. Recent scientific literature supports these findings as do our own clinical experience with patients.

Other factors, such as heavy metals, synthetic toxins, and stress, should also be considered when addressing autoimmune diseases. Integrative and functional medicine specialists can provide comprehensive testing and in-depth analysis to uncover the root causes of autoimmune conditions.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine often fails to keep up with the latest scientific advancements. As a result, patients are left with inadequate treatment or misdiagnosed. Integrative and Functional Medicine offers a more personalized and thorough approach, going beyond the scope of conventional, insurance-based care.

By seeking out the expertise of an Integrative and Functional Medicine specialist, you can take control of your health and uncover the hidden factors contributing to your autoimmune disease.

In conclusion, this article highlights the importance of understanding the complexities of autoimmune diseases and the limitations of conventional insurance-based care. As a medical professional, my priority is to provide effective, personalized care to my patients. By recognizing the benefits of integrative and functional medicine, you can make well-informed decisions about your healthcare, prioritizing quality care over insurance limitations.


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